Telecommunication Services for Businesses and Consumers

Premium Quality Local and International Calls

Premium quality calls to all destinations. Phone Numbers are available in 50 countries.

Full Featured Cloud PBX. Voip and traditional Telephony can work together

Akiltel customers can use cloud PBX with IVR, Voice Messages, Call Queues, Ring and Hunt Groups. Custom Features are Available

Support For All Modern IP Telephony Equipment

We support all modern VOIP devices, Switching customers can use their existing devices

Available on Mobiles phones. Free Mobile VOIP apps. Roaming Prevention

Mobile VOIP, Call Through, Callback and Direct Dial features available on mobile devices. Customers can receive roaming free calls to their mobile phones while abroad.

Integration of Multiple Branches on one PBX. Remote/Home working supported.

Customers with many branches can integrate their telephony in one PBX. Reduce costs for communication between branches. Also home/remote working enployees can use the PBX. PBX settings can be changed by calling remotely.

Service is available in many ways: Cloud PBX, Sip Trunking, IP Phones, Softphones, Call Through and callback, and the unique Direct Dial!

Business Solutions

Cloud PBX, SIP Trunking, Branch Integration, Teleconferencing, International Numbers, Roaming Solutions, SMS...

Consumer Solutions

ISP Independent, Residential Voip, Mobile Voip, Roaming Prevention, International Numbers, Call forwarding, Direct Dial...

Quick Access

Quick Access links to Sign Up, Sign In, Web Dialer, Rates, Android and iPhone app download, local access numbers ...

Akiltel offers telecommunication services to businesses and consumers worldwide.

Akiltel customers can realize huge savings on their calls to international destinations. Akiltel does not charge for the call connection fee, and does not limit the number of simultaneous calls.

Business customers can use cloud PBX and use international phone numbers.

Consumers can use the service by IP phones, softphones, free mobile voip app, call through services and the very practical direct dial facility.