Bulk SMS

Akiltel provides a broad range of SMS services:

  • Sending SMS messages to all mobile numbers in the world.
  • HLR service, by use of HLR service you can check the activeness of GSM numbers, and in this way cleanup your number database. You will save money because you will not be sending SMS messages to non-working numbers.
  • SMS text can be written in unicode encoding so that proper writing in languages as Arabic and Turkish will be possible
  • You can use alphanumeric sender ids next to your GSM number. Alphanumeric sender IDs are predefined by Akiltel based on your request.
  • You can store all your numbers .txt or .csv files, and send SMS to all numbers in the file. It is also possible use embed other fields in the file in the SMS text body, and in this way create personalized messages.
  • You can submit your SMS batches for scheduled delivery at later times.
  • You can maintain your own address book in your customer panel, import/export your contacts, and group your contacts so that you can send SMSes with one click to the group members.
  • We provide an HTTP API and by use of which you can integrate SMS sending in your systems.

Please send us an email on sales@akiltel.com or call one of our call centers to ask for your test account. We will send you your SMS test account details and you can test our system.

Akiltel has special rates for resellers and for customers sending big numbers of SMSes.