Business Solutions

Akiltel provides the following solutions to business customers:

Cloud PBX: Intelligent full-featured PBX solution without any customer investment. Port all your numbers to Akiltel and end your traditional telephony subscription.

Hybrid PBX: Intelligent full-featured PBX solution integrating VOIP and traditional telephony based on ISDN/PSTN technology.

Sip Trunking: In case you already have IP telephony infrastructure you can arrange your incoming and outgoing calls via Akiltel

Multi-Branch Integration: Connect telephony of all your branches to Akiltel network, eliminate inter branch costs and create a seamlessly integrated voice network

Teleconferencing Solutions: Your employees on site, your employees off the site and your customers can join conference calls which are also accessible via international telephone numbers

National and International Telephone numbers: Get telephone numbers in your own country and abroad, be reachable in many countries with local numbers.

Call Me Now: Let your customers request being called immediately while visiting your web sites.

Bulk SMS: Text your customers via international SMS service. API available.

Business customers can also utilize services offered to individuals. These are:

Home Working / Remote Working: Your employees can use Akiltel’s residential telephony services or just use a phone connected to Cloud PBX and work productively even when he/she is not on your site.

Direct Dial: Let your employees dial international numbers by dialing local numbers

Mobile Voip: Let your employees use mobile voip on iphone and android devices.

Roaming Prevention: Your employees can cut roaming costs on incoming calls to their mobile when travelling abroad.

Call Through: Your employees can use our call through numbers in many countries to make international calls.

Contract Duration and Invoicing

Contract duration for business subscriptions is 1 year. Thereafter contracts can be terminated with one month termination.

Akiltel does not charge any fixed subscription fees. There is also no call connection fee. However, we expect that business customers use our services and there is a minimum monthly invoice amount that is driven from the capacity that the customer uses. This minimum charge is also an advance that customer can use to make calls. Only if the actual monthly usage exceeds this amount then customer pays the actual amount.

Monthly minimum charge is calculated per:

  • 5 € for every registered device,
  • 10 € in case customer uses Hosted PBX of Hybride IP PBX
  • 5 € for every allocated phone number,
  • 20 € for a 10-number block,
  • 100 € for a  100-number block