With callback method two numbers are dialed and connected together.

Do not pay high call rates when you are abroad, or when you are calling abroad from your home country. When abroad, just get a local SIM card, or use a local land line. We do the rest to make cheap calling possible for you.

How it works?

By Using Callback Trigger Numbers

This method is practical when you have no internet access.

  1. User who wants to start a callback call dials the appropriate callback trigger number. This call is free of charge since the call is hung up after detection of the calling phone number.
  2. Akıltel calls back the number who wanted to start the callback.
  3. Customer answers the call, and enters the number he wants to call followed by # key. Call will be eatablished in a few seconds.

By Using Akilfon Dialers

This method is practical when internet access but it is not adequate to make voip calls. Akilfon dialers on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry provide this feature.

  1. User specifies his number and the number he wants to speak. He can also choose whether both numbers should be called the same time, of if he should be called first
  2. Akiltel system calls both numbers and connect them

If the number you want to use for callback is not associated with your account, you can call our call centers, write an email to or send an SMS to +31 645748121.

Calls realised with callback method are usually much cheaper than the direct calls. For example;

  • Calling Europe mobiles from Turkey mobile is around 9 euro cents.
  • Calling Europe fixed lines from Turkey mobile is around 5 euro cents.
  • Calling from Turkey mobile to Iraq mobile is 15 cents, to Iran mobile is 16 cents.
  • Calling from Europe mobiles to Iraq mobiles is around 16 cents.

Total minute charge for callback calls can be calculated by adding the rates for both legs of the calls. All rates can be found on our rates page.

You can start using callback service by using the registratiıon form on our website, or just call our call center.

Akıltel call center gives realtime support to our resellers who want to sell callback credits. In this way, it is possible to sell Akiltel callback credit as a reseller next to one’s job as tourist guide etc. Resellers should have enough credit on their reseller account, and just inform our call center about the phone number to transfer the credit to. We work with resellers from all parts of the world.

Our callback system can be adjusted to work in English, Arabic, Turkish and many other languages.

Callback Numbers

Our callback service can be used from anywhere in the world.

With Callback, Akiltel calls your number and the number you want to connect, and then these two calls are connected to each other. Still, total costs for this type of connection is usually much cheaper than you calling the other number directly, or even calling through our service numbers.

Akiltel callback trigger numbers never answer calls, and for this reason no charging will be done to our customers’ regular subscription due to their triggering call.

Callback triggering call is necessary in order to collect the call initiation request.

As callback service has to know the number to call back, any call to callback service must be with a device configured to send its number (CLI).

Callback Numbers


+31 20 811 4115


+31 20 811 4116


+31 20 811 4117


+31 20 811 4118


+31 20 811 4119

Customers can use callback numbers only if their phone number is already associated with their account.

Customers can add their phone numbers to their accounts in one of the following ways

  • use one of our service numbers from their phone, validate their account by entering their PIN, and then dial special command number 11113 terminated by # sign.
  • login to their accounts and use option “Authorize Caller IDs” for pinless/callback call
  • send an email to Akiltel with our email form, indicating their login/card and phone number (Akiltel may call the number for verification)
  • call one of our call centres and ask for help (Akiltel may make a verification call as well)
  • By sending an SMS on +31 645748121 to our call center (Akiltel may make a verification call as well)
A registered telephone number can be deleted from Akiltel system with any of the above methods by usıng the command number 11114#.