Consumer Solutions

Akiltel is an independent telecommunication provider. Akiltel offers its services to wider public worldwide. The service does not depend on any traditional telephony infrastructure or any internet service provider.

Akiltel offers its services in many alternative ways. Customers can use the service via IP phones, softphones, or via call-through service numbers. Individual customers can use all these services.

Consumers can utilize the following services:

Home Working / Remote Working: Your employees can use Akiltel’s residential telephony services or just use a phone connected to Cloud PBX and work productively even when he/she is not on your site.

Direct Dial: Let your employees dial international numbers by dialing local numbers

Mobile Voip: Let your employees use mobile voip on iphone and android devices.

Roaming Prevention: Your employees can cut roaming costs on incoming calls to their mobile when travelling abroad.

Call Through: Your employees can use our call through numbers in many countries to make international calls.