What kind of subscriptions does Akiltel offer?

Akiltel offers pay-as-you-go type accounts. Users may upgrade their accounts to monthly subscription plans or buy one or more (international) telephone numbers.

Small businesses may use normal account, and for bigger companies we offer hosted BPX and IP based connections.

How can I subscribe?

Normal user accounts can be created on our website by using the ‘sign-up’ screen.

In countries where Akiltel calling cards are sold, customers may use their calling card as a normal account.

For virtual PBX and IP based connections customers should contact our sales at sales@akiltel.com or call our call center.

Who can subscribe?

Akiltel is a global service, and customers from any country can apply for a user account.

Our service is very suitable for situations where service user is a remote location, but somebody else can pay on his behalf. Akiltel can be used with callback from anywhere in the world.

I lost my username, what should I do?

You should need to contact our call center and provide full details about your account.

I lost my password, what should I do?

You should need to contact our call center and provide full details about your account.

How can I stop my subscription?

As the service has a pay-as-you-go nature, you do not have to stop the service as there is normally no oblivation to pay. In case you have a monthly plan or you have DIDs (telephone numbers) allocated yo your account, they you should terminate these services by observing the notice period.

Please note that paid credit is not refunded.

How can I change my account details?

You can change your contact information and your password in the “My Profile” section of customer portal after you login to your account. In exceptional cases you may ask help from our call center.

You should contact our call center in case you want to change your username.

Can I create more accounts, for example for my relatives?

Yes. But one account can be used by many people as well, provided that you can trust the people and share your password with them.

In case other people would be using your account with phone initiated services (like callback and by calling our callthrough service numbers), it is possible to register there telephone numbers under your account for PINless access, and you do not have to share your PIN/password.

Please note phone numbers from different countries can be registered under one account, so your family and friends abroad can use your account if you wish so.



How can I see the tariffs?

You can see the voip tariffs for the pay-as-you-go accounts on the ‘Rates’ page.

Set-up and montly fees for DID phone numbers are listed on the ‘Virtual and Geograpgic Numbers’ page.

Rates for the single and bulk SMSes you can also find on the related pages of the site.

How much do I pay, how are call costs calculated?

pay-as-you-go accounts are billed per minute..

When you make calls with internet initiated methods (softphones, IP phones, web dialer, mobile dialers) you only pay for the dialed number and this charge is deducted from your Akiltel account.

When you use our callthrough service numbers, you seperately pay to your operator for making the call to our service number.

And, in case of callback, there are two calls made, one to customers phone, and one to the called number. Charges of both calls are deducted from customer’s Akiltel account.

Do I pay anything other than the call duration charges?

No. There are no connection fees at Akıltel.

Also, there are no additional charges to Akiltel calling cards. Only charges for actually made calls are deducted from card balance.

How often does the rates change?

We try to minimize it, but tariffs can change anytime. New tariffs are always put on the website at the time they are changed in the system.

We do not inform retail customers for rate changes. They can check the rates in customer portal ‘tariffs’ page, or on the ‘Rates’ page of the website.

Which currency you are using?

Our rates are, unless otherwise agreed with the customer, in euros.

Payments in other cusrrencies are converted to euro with the exchange rate of the date the payment is reflected to Akiltel bank account.

How can I check for the rate changes?

We do not inform retail customers for rate changes. They can check the rates in customer portal ‘tariffs’ page, or on the ‘Rates’ page of the website.


Payments and Invoicing

How can I pay?

Akiltel calling cards and recharge cards are paid by cash at distribution points.

For other accounts and payment possibilities please look at the ‘Payment Information’ page.

What are the payment amounts?

It is possible to choose one of the amounts 5, 10, 25, 50, ve 100 euro in the ‘Recharge’ page of the customer portal. There is no upper limit if customers want to pay with other payment methods.

For businesses there is no specific limit.

How safe is to pay with credit card?

Akiltel does not store any card information on its servers. Actually card transactions can only be done by using Moneybookers (Skrill), and that is a very safe system.

Paypal customers can pay with their accounts (they may use cards within paypal) on their own initiation. We do not provide an online interface for PayPal.

How can I use the balance on my Akiltel account?

It is possible to transfer all or part of the balance on an Akıltel account or calling card to another account. The account which will send credit should login to the system, then go to the ‘Recharge’ page, and use the ‘Balance Transfer’ option to send a specified amount to another Akiltel account.

Once connected to Akiltel (logging in to the system with one of the internet based methods, with phone services after dialing callthrough number, and with callback when system called customer back) customers can call internall number 11116# to listen to their account balance.

My invoice has VAT, why?

Akiltel is operated by Dutch limited company Itnomy B.V., and we invoice our customers in European Union with VAT. Only exception is if a non-Dutch customer can give us his VAT, then his rates and invoices are calculated without VAT.


Use of Akiltel abroad/Roaming

What can I do in order not topay roaming charges while I am abroad?

Information on this subject is available on our ‘Roaming Preventionpage.

How can I make cheap calls while I am abroad?

Information on this subject is available on our ‘Roaming Prevention‘ page.

Please try not to use your own SIM card abroad to use Akiltel services. A SIM card that is in roaming will always be charged with roaming tariffs.

How can I send cheap SMSes from abroad?

Please try to connect to your Akiltel account with internet, and use the SMS option to send your messages.

Will I pay extra charges when I use callback service while I am abroad?

Calling callback number is free, regardless of from where you make the call or which phone you use.

However, when callback system calls the phone back, you will still pay roaming charges in case you use your own SIM card abroad. Try to use a local SIM in the country you visit.


Virtual and Geographic Numbers (DIDs)

What is a virtual number?

Virtual telephone numbers are numbers that do not need to be connected to a physical address. These numbers are usually either forwarded to other number, or are used with VOIP connections.

What number types do you provide?

Virtual numbers are usually issues with a special area code in every country. In some countries only one area code is available for virtual number usage. However, in many Eurpoean countries, US and Canada, normal geographic numbers as well can be used with VOIP services.

All the telephone numbers allocated by Akiltel can be used by customers VOIP connections, and are practically virtual.

In which countries can I buy virtual telephone numbers?

Akiltel issues numbers in about 50 countries. For the full list please refer to our ‘Telephone Numbers‘ page.

A specific point is that numbers in Germany, France, The Netherlands, and Turkey need registration on name of a person or legal entity in respective countries.

What costs are associated with Virtual numbers?

Basically there is a set-up and monthly fee based on 2-voice channel usage.

In case many concurrent calls will be made on a number then special pricing will apply.

Virtual numbers can be forwarded to PSTN and mobiles. In such cases number owner will pay for the call forwarding costs based on Akiltel voip rates.


Call Forwarding

What are the benefits of call forwarding with Akiltel?

You can forward your telephone number purchased from Akiltel to your Akiltel account, or to any PSTN or mobile number (forwarding can be international)

You can also forward calls to your exiting (non-Akiltel) physical numbers to an international destination by using Akiltel facilities.

There are two option here:

1- If number porting is possible in your country, we port the number to Akiltel, and it is then like any Akiltel allocated telephone number

2- If you can forward your phone to another local number, then a local number can be arranged by Akiltel, and calls to your phone can be forwarded to an international number via Akiltel. This technique we use for preventing roaming of incoming calls abroad.

How can I use call forwarding services?

In order to use call forwarding, you need to have an Akiltel account and in addition use an Akiltel arranged telephone number.

Forwarding can be done on number basis, or at the user account level, in which case calls to all telephone numbers under user account will be forwarded.

We help our customers with number purchase and with call forwarding set-up.



Please visit our Callbackpage for detailed information on Callback.


Usage from landlines and mobile phones

Which phones I can use?

All phones (mobile and landline) supporting DTMF standard.

For PINless callthrough calling and for callback, it is necessary that phone also sends it number. Callthrough service can be used by phones not sending their number, but then PIN code must be entered each time.

What shall I do for PINless use of my account from my phone?

Customers can add their phone numbers to their accounts in one of the following ways

  • use one of our service numbers from their phone, validate their account by entering their PIN, and then dial special command number 11113 terminated by # sign.
  • login to their accounts and use option “Authorize Caller IDs” for pinless/callback call
  • send an email to Akiltel with our email form, indicating their login/card and phone number (Akiltel may call the number for verification)
  • call one of our call centres and ask for help (Akiltel may make a verification call as well)

Is there a difference between calling Akiltel with mobile phone and landlines?

No, except that calling our callthrough numbers from your mobile, and callback system calling your mobile number will generally cost more compared to calling and receiving calls on landlines.

What is the difference between using Akiltel with phone versus services available via Internet ?

When you use Akiltel services by phone (callthrough calling and callback), you make a call from your number to a callthrough (landline) number, or Akiltel is calling your phone (callback). These both types of calls are replaced by your internet connection if you are using a softphone, mobile voip software, or an IP telefoon.

Is there a practical solution to use address book when using callback?

You can easy up dialing by two options.

1-) Login to your account on customer portal and define ‘SpeedDial’ shortcodes. Then you can just type these 2 or 3 digit numbers instead of full number.

2-) Akiltel also distributes SIM adapters that usually work on older phones.


Mobile VOIP

Does Akiltel distribute free software for Mobile VOIP?

Yes. Akiltel has developed its own Akilfon software for smartphone platforms. These Mobile VOIP dialer software is free to use by our cistomers. Please note that software workd only on Akiltel system.

Mobile VOIP software has versions available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian smartphones.

How can I install the Mobile VOIP software?

Just go to the “Download” page from your mobile, and download the self installing software. You will only have to enter your Akiltel username and password.

Calling card owners can login with S/N and PIN combination (corresponding to Username and password).

My provider do not allow Mobile VOIP, what can I do?

Please contact our call center to double check the issue, and see if there is an alternative.


Usage via Internet Access

What shall I do to use Akiltel on Internet?

Just use the appropriate software for the platform you are using and try to make a SIP connection to Akiltel server.

You can download our free Mobile Dialers for smartphones, or our free Akiltel PC software for windows. You can use our Web Dialer on our website from any PC internet where Adobe flash player is installed.

Macintosh users may try free version x-lite.

What is the advantage of using Akiltel with internet?

Most important is the cost factor; you will not have to use your phone to reach Akiltel servers, and you will only pay for the call you made.

Wi advise our customers to use an IP phone wherever possible to prevent any software related issues.

I do not have internet, what are the options?

If you have no internet then you have to use phone services like callthrough dialing, or callback. If you have internet but is is slow, then you can use ‘Connect Two’ option on the website, which is practically a callback you initiate over internet, all voice traffic is done between our servers and called phones.

In my country VOIP usage is banned, what can I do?

Most of Akiltel software is tunneled, and should in principle work in such environment. You can test our software with a test account before you make a purchase.


Security and Access

How safe is my information with Akiltel?

Akiltel system is fof very high security standards behind firewalls, and well protected databases. Unless you give your access information to others you should not experience any issues.

Can my PIN/password be predicted by others?

We use long ping codes for our calling cards and for the new created test accounts.

Customers should always use long and complex passwords to prevent unauthorised access.

Can my account be used by others?

These chance is small if you keep your password long and complex..

If you have any doubt this might be the case, then contact our call center immediately.