Mobile Voip

In case you have a smartphone with Internet access then you can use Akiltel Mobile VOIP on your mobile phone and make very cheap calls. In this way yo call fixed lines in Europe, and landline and mobiles in US/Canada/China and many other countries for 2 cents per minute. Calling European mobiles costs about 6 eurocents on the average.

All Akiltel customers and calling card owners can use our free mobile voip dialer software. You can just sign-up for a trial account and test our mobile VOIP service.

In case you utilize Akiltel DID numbers, then calls coming to these numbers will ring on your smartphone. In other words, you can be reached on your mobile with a landline. You may buy DIDs in different countries for this purpose.

Akiltel distributes free Mobile Dialer software Akilfon for these major smartphone/tablet platforms. Just download the right dialer for your mobile and install it.

Akilfon iPhone Dialer

Akilfon Android Dialer

In case you would like to use other dialers, you should use the following values for settings: Sip Server: In case neede,, SIP port is 5060, realm value is “akiltel”.

In case SIP protocol is blocked in your country, we may still help you by providing special versions of some dialers.