Payment Options

On this page we provide information regarding the payment options and methods that can be used by Akiltel customers and resellers.

Even Akiltel calling card users can use these payment methods. Whenever asked, calling card users should use the S/N number on their card as login, and PIN as password.

Sign-Up / New Registration

It is not required to make a payment during sign-up. Customers can sign-up by choosing the option that payment will be done later.

Akiltel sign-up procedure includes a data verification step. New accounts will be activated only after a basic verification step (which may include a call to registering customer). A small test credit will also be added to the new accounts so that customers can test Akiltel services.

New customers can make payments by either using iDeal payment interface (supported by Dutch banks) or by using Moneybookers (Skrill) payment interface. In case customers use Skrill, they will have option the pay with local payment methods available in their country as well.

Recharge or top-up

Akiltel customers can buy additional credit in either of the following methods:

Information about wire transfer, manual credit card payments/authorization, EFT transactions (in Turkey), and any other payment method that is not supported by our customer portal is given at the end of this section:

“Recharge” options on the web site

Customers can login to Akiltel customer portal from the web site, by either logging on to their account or by choosing the ‘Recharge’ option directly.

  • By choosing the “OnlineShop” option on the recharge page. Customers will be able to use Moneybookers, iDeal, or any other payment method on the recharge interface.
  • By using the “PINS” option: In this case you can transfer the balance on another account of you or on a calling card to your (logged in) account.
  • With “Balance Transfer” you can transfer all or a part of the credit on your (logged in) account to another account.

Balance transfer option is very suitable for students abroad, people serving military service etc, as their relatives can transfer credit to their accounts, and they do not have to either be online or have any credit cards etc. Also, companies can send credit to the voip accounts of their workers abroad.

In case the account buying bulk credit (for transferring to other accounts) buys a big amount then they can also benefit from benefits mentioned on the Campaigns page.

Payment with iDeal

Customers having Dutch bank accounts can pay with iDeal payment system.

Payment with MoneyBookers (Skrill)

Customers having Moneybookers accounts can pay with MoneyBookers via our customer portal.

It is possible to pay with all credit cards via MoneyBookers. In addition, European payment methods iDeal, Onlineüberweisung, Sofortüberweisung and giropay can also be used with Moneybookers.

MoneyBookers is a very safe system, but requires registration and confirmation of your personal information for limitless use.

Please note that customers can buy Akiltel credit with moneybookers, but one Moneybookers account can be used to buy credit for only one Akiltel account. In case you need to use Moneybookers and you have to distribute multiple Akiltel accounts, then you can buy credit to one account and then use ‘Balance Transfer’ option within Akiltel system to transfer credit to sub-accounts.


We do not provide online interface for PayPal. Customers can make their payments to payment[at] by providing their account login, or by mentioning one of their registered phones. The payment will be added to customers account in a few hours.

Other Payment Possibilities

Manual provision/withdrawal from credit cards

We provide the possibility to withdraw amounts from credit cards of our well-identified customers.

Western Union

We do accept payments via Western Union. We will provide necessary information to those customers who want to pay with Western Union.

Wire Transfers, EFT and Swift Payments

Akiltel customers can make their payments to any of the following accounts. Please make sure you mention your account login, name, a telephone number which we may use to call you back in case we can not match your payment.

For customers in The Netherlands:

beneficiary: ITNOMY BV, account: 1450.20.258

For customers in Euro zone: Customers in Euro zone can use SEPA payment system. Sepa payments are regarded as local payments.

Bank: RABOBANK, The Netherlands
Beneficiary: ITNOMY BV
IBAN: NL72.RABO.0145.0202.58

Customers in Turkey:

Please look at the payment page in Turkish for the details

Customers in all other countries:

Bank: RABOBANK, The Netherlands
beneficiary: ITNOMY BV
IBAN: NL72.RABO.0145.0202.58
Adres: Tijnmuiden 93, 1046AK Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The net EURO amount received on our account will be added to customers Akiltel account.