Residential Voip

Akiltel can be used as a residential phone service. In this way, all local and international calls made from your home or office will be connected via Akiltel with very attractive rates. There is no call connection fee at Akiltel.

The following are needed in order to use Akiltel as residential phone:

  • Internet connection
  • An IP/VOIP phone, or an ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) device which will be used to connect your normal phone to Akiltel VOIP service. These devices can also be preconfigured and delivered to our customers.
  • It is also possibly to use softphones like x-lite, or Akiltel’s Akilfon dialers for windows pcs and many smartphone platforms

Akiltel privides Virtual and Geographic Numbers in over 50 countries. These numbers are available in nearly all countries in Europe, in US/Canada etc. Please look at the full country list. It is also possible to port your telephone numbers to Akiltel in many countries.

Akiltel DID numbers are reasonably priced and you can receive calls on this numbers. Numbers can also be forwarded with SIP or PTSN numbers internationally.

Akiltel service can be used from home, from mobile phones, and when our customers are abroad. Our DIDs can be ringed on customers mobile phones when they use our Mobile VOIP service.

Akiltel service is independent of any landline phone provider or internet service provider. Customers can use the service from anywhere they can use an internet connection.

Please note that it is not possible to call emergency services with Akiltel. Premium services may not be available as well.

The best way to use the residential telephony service is to use an IP phone.

You can also use any softphone like X-lite for Windows PCs and Mac. Customers having computers with other OSes should install an available softphone for their platform.