Roaming Prevention

Akiltel makes it possible to prevent use of mobile phones abroad, and in this way eliminates the roaming charges.

Normally, when a mobile phone (i.e. a SIM card) is used abroad, phone subscriber pays high roaming charges for both incoming calls and for own made calls.

However, when you use a local SIM card or a local phone number of the visited country, no roaming charges will be paid to receive calls. The trick is to forward the call to your phone to a phone that you have access to in the country you visit, and this is possible with Akiltel. You can also make your calls by using Akiltel and in this way eliminate roaming charges completely.

Prevention of roaming charges when receiving calls while abroad:

Normally, your mobile get connected abroad by using another mobile network, and you pay very high roaming charge for this. Akiltel can forward this call to a telephone number in visited country, and by this way eliminate roaming charges.

In case Akiltel provides DIDs (virtual telephone numbers) in your country, then this forwarding is possible. You forward your mobile to Akiltel provided DID number. This DID number is then forwarded to a mobile or landline in the country you visit.

To illustrate it as an example, an Akiltel customer in Germany buys a DID in Germany, and he forwards his mobile phone to this DID before he goes to US. Calls to this DID are forwarded to a US cell phone that customer will use when he is in US.

In this way, our customer will pay a local call in Germany and Akiltel rate for forwarding call to the US number, instead of the roaming charge.

In case our customer can use his Akiltel account with a VOIP or softphone while in US, even the forwarding to US number will not be necessary, and in that case the customer will receive the call in US with just the cost of a local call within Germany.

Reducing Calling costs while abroad:

Akiltel can be used to make cheap calls abroad in one of the following ways:

  • By using any softphone or an appropriate Akilfon dialer on a computer or with an internet enabled smartphone,
  • By using our Web Dialer on Akiltel site
  • By using one of our call-through service numbers in the country he is visiting,
  • By initiating a callback call from a local phone of the visited country, or
  • by using an VOIP enabled device while abroad

Important Note: Please try not to use your own mobile phone that is in a roaming area for using Akiltel. You always pay roaming charges for all calls to/from your mobile while abroad.