Teleconferencing Solutions

It is possible to make conference calls with many participants from all around the world.

Participants will pay per minute costs for the time they participate in the conference.

Akiltel conference system is a real international conferencing system that works with local call charges in many countries. You can call Akiltel access numbers in 30 countries with local rate. You can use Akiltel callback service from the rest of the world. Whenever you have internet access anywhere in the world you can access Akiltel system without extra charge.

In this way participants having internet access and participants that only can use phones can participate in a cheap and high quality conference system.

By internet access we mean Akiltel’s softphones for PCs and for all mobile platforms, as well as our “Web Dialer” on our web site. You can also use softphones like x-lite.

Conference set-up is done by Akiltel, and conference password is given to the conference owner.

There is no fixed fees for using the system. Only a set-up fee of 10 euros is charged at the beginning.

Minute rate for calling the conference room costs 0.05 euro/min.

Guide to use conference system:

  • Once you connect to Akiltel system, you should conference room number 1111800. You should dial 1111800# from phone services.
  • Press the conference number you will participate and press # key.
  • Press the * key.
  • Speak your name and press # key.
  • System will announce that you will participate the conference and you will be connected to the conference room.
  • To leave the conference, just hang up the line.