Terms & Conditions

Customers agree to Akiltel’s Terms and Conditions when they use Akiltel web site, software distributed by Akiltel, Akiltel services delivered via phone , and any other Akiltel service not explicitly mentioned here. These terms and conditions, together with the Privacy Policy, constitute the general framework of the relationship between Akiltel and its customers.

Terms Akıltel and we represent the limited company Itnomy BV, which is headquartered in the Netherlands and operates Akiltel services. Contact information for Itnomy BV is:

Itnomy BV
Tijnmuiden 93, 1046AK Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 8114111
Fax: +31 20 8083098
Email: info[at]akiltel.com

Terms Customer and you represent people or organisations who use Akiltel web site, software distributed by Akiltel, services delivered by use of telephones, SMS services, and any other service delivered by Akiltel but not explicitly mentioned on this page.

Use of Akiltel software and services is determined by the following Terms and Conditions.

Trial Accounts

Customers can sign-up for trial accounts. No payment is required for opening a trial account. New accounts are given a test credit determined by Akiltel, good enough to test the service.

Use of this test credit does not cause any obligation for the sign-up customers to buy additional credit.

Payment Obligations

Akiltel services are in principle pre-paid services. Only when customers agree to buy periodically renewing products like telephone number (DID) subscriptions and/or monthly subscription plans, they will have to pay the costs associated with these services. Those customers who do not purchase any periodical products will purchase VOIP credit whenever they want, and their credit will be valid until it is consumed.

Obligation for regular payment exist only when customer buys a periodically renewing product like telephone number (DID) subscriptions and/or monthly subscription plans.

Termination of Services

Cancellation of telephone numbers (DIDs) require a termination period which may vary per country. Normally, a telephone number can be cancelled by a 3 full months notice period. The same period is also valid in case the numbers will be ported to another operator (in the countries where number porting is supported).

Monthly subscription plans can also be terminated, and the notice period is 2 full months.

Telephone number (DID) costs and fees for monthly subscription plans will have to be paid until the end of the notice period. Numbers can be ported immediately, provided that the 3 months fee is paid upfront.

No cancellation/termination is necessary for non-periodic products and services. Credit bought by the customers will remain valid until it is used up. Remaining credit will not be returned. In case Akiltel agrees to pay any remaining credit, then all costs associated with the back payment will be deducted.

Price Changes

Akiltel has the right to change the prices of its periodically renewed (subscribed) services in case cost prices change. In case the price of periodic product will increase, Akiltel will inform the customer at least one month before the new price will be effective. Customer has the right to cancel the subscription before the new price is effective. For cancellations due to price increases, no cancellation/termination notice period will be applicable.

Akiltel has the right to change the price of non-periodical services (mainly calling rates) as well. Akiltel does not have to notify individual customers about the new prices; but the new prices will be published on Akiltel web site immediately.

Termination of Services

Akiltel may suspend the periodically renewed services in case customer fails to pay for the service on time. Customer is obliged to pay for the service during the suspension period as well; however, the payment obligation can not be higher then the termination/cancellation period of a periodical subscription.

Akıltel tries to make its best effort to keep the services and systems running and functional. Akiltel will prevent customers using the service in case customers try to use the services in ways that are not allowed by law, or in case usage by customers causes serious performance degradation and/or prevent other customers use the service. Akiltel does not have to inform the customers in case the service is stopped for them to prevent harmful usage..

Akıltel’s Obligations

Akiltel will spend its best effort to keep its services available and functional.

However, Akiltel (and its owner Itnomy BV) can not be held responsible for service interruptions that are caused by events beyond Akiltel’s control. Such events could be major natural disasters, force of law, long breakdowns in power or internet infrastructure, and any other happening that is not mentioned here and Akiltel can not exercise control on it.

Customers who do not but any periodical service cannot make a claim against Akiltel due to unavailability of the service. The claim that can be made against Akiltel can in no circumstances be higher than one month subscription fee of the periodical service.

Scope or Telephony Services

Akiltel telephony services are running by use of “Voice Over IP – VOIP” technology, and the service is available worldwide. Due to the nature of the service, calls to emergency services and/or to premium services that are priced specially may not be terminated.

Customers who may need to use such services are advised to have alternative services that are available locally in their country. Akiltel can not be kept responsible for the cases where customer can’t reach emergency service by using Akiltel service.

Legal Conflicts

All conflicts between Akiltel and its customers will be resolved according to the laws of The Netherlands.